From Catering Equipment to Mobility Aid, We care for you.

Care homes work hard to help the dwellers in their times of need. As accommodation is offered to different individuals, each with their own personal requirements, care homes can never be sure about what they’ll need for the day. From furniture to mobility aid, a care home works 24 hours to meet customer requirements. We at Fairfield Care Products understand the noble cause and therefore work with all our might to help care homes across the country provide best service to the individuals in need. Fairfield Care Products offers wide range of items and accessories along with Catering Equipment and supplies, to meet the everyday requirements of any care home in the region. Let us guide you through the extensive list of top quality products available with us.

We try to provide all the products that may be required by a nursing staff at a care home. Our list includes bathroom accessories, bed and accessories, commodes and toilet aids, wheelchairs and other mobility aids. All the products are of top quality and provide best value for money. Apart from that, we also provide wide range of choices on furniture supplies. We have comfortable and good looking, recliners, beds, indoor and outdoor furniture and soft furnishings. We have gone through our 36 years of experience to understand the requirements of a care home and provide best quality products that meet the needs.

Our Janitorial supplies section covers an extensive range of products, that we are sure to have a product for your needs. We offer carpet cleaning machines and chemicals, sanitizers, vacuum cleaners and other janitorial accessories. From fabric softener to toilet tissue, you can take care of any janitorial supplies requirement through Fairfield Care Products. All products are sourced from well known manufacturers to ensure health and safety of the customers. We also provide cleaning and catering trolleys that are long lasting, strong and good looking.

We also offer a wide range of catering equipment like catering appliances, catering consumables, furniture, display refrigerators and tableware. The catering equipment list is dedicated to supplies related to catering and proper care is taken to meet even the smallest of requirements of customers. Apart from that, we also provide patient lifting equipment like Static and Mobile Hoists, Tracking Hoists, Slings & Baths. We also have mobility aids like wheel chairs, walking sticks and frames. We also have a service arm staffed with well trained and experienced individuals. The service and repairing arm offers half yearly and yearly servicing of patient lifting equipment, so that the equipment offer best performance. Deliveries are free of charge for every order that is over £30.

With our sheer dedications and three generations of experience in expertise, we are determined to thrive and meet all requirements for a care home. Caring for the care homes, we help them to help you faster and better with consistency. If you are running a care home, or whether you need care products for personal use, you can surely rely on us to make sure that you receive the best products in the market at competitive rates. For more information you can always visit our website at


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